Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Michalis Vouzounerakis' Myrό Success story 2013

I believe Michalis Vouzounerakis is truly on of the best next-generation marble sculptors born in Greece. He experimentation is constant and all his series from the first to the last piece are sound and  constant. Due his obligation to attend many international symposia , he came somewhat late during the first symposium of the Greek Marble Initiative, at Myrό Antiques House premises, where the symposia of the Intiative take place, in August 2013. Cheerfull, hardworking, inventinve, he produced quality sculptures in a suprisingly little time. His way to make marble seem like fluidic lava is incomparable, while his graffitti-like sketches he designed on the initial volumes, before cutting them became something of a legend.

Due to a partnership that followed our initial contact, Michalis produced a new series of works “Osteones” to show in Myrό Gallery, consisted of small sculptures, inspired by his participation in the Initiative. They have been showed in a solo exhibition and demonstrate the new style and form adopted by the artist. Osteones -they are called “Osteons” in English medicine terminology- is the fundamental functional unit of much compact bone. Osteons are roughly cylindrical structures that are typically several millimeters long and around 0.2mm in diameter, who function as a creation and resorption method for the bone in mammals and the humans.

The show was a major success. A sold out was accomplished in the opening night, for all the pieces shown in the exhibition. The comments about his new work were enthusiastic, and there are many people looking forward to his newer exhibition, with the same series developed more in terms of form, on April 2015.

Michael Vouzounerakis born in Heraklion, Crete in 1980. He lived and grew up in Ierapetra. He left Ierapetra after High School to study marble sculpture in the school at the Tower of Tinos with teachers the sculptor G.Maniatako and the painter D.Mpeza, G.Syliko at marble sculturing, and G.Roukouni-Maniatakou architectural design. During these three years (1998-2001) in the school of Tinos he was also awarded three times with a prize from the Ministry of the Aegean. There are several of his works in private collections, cemeteries, churches, etc. in Greece and abroad. He has participated in several international sculpture symposiums in Lebanon, Russia, Romania, Turkey and Egypt.

The depicted works are the ones sold through Myrό Gallery of Contemporary Art, in Thessaloniki, Greece. View all of his works created within or for Greek Marble Initiative, with full details HERE.

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